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Men call them -- LINKS! They are mysterious and spooky, and altogether ooky. Where will these links take you? Read the description and find out!

If you want me to link your site, just write me at:

This is what Fred used to look like....


Fred Anderson: From Chunk To Hunk

This is Fred today.  Clink on this link to read about how he did it!  No diet. No pills. No bull.  This guy has a great website and also an wonderful journal
Check it out!



Tired of Top Forty pop that you've heard forever and a day? Give KVSC a try. KVSC is a community public radio at St. Cloud State university. From jazz to alternative, to techno to Native American music, you'll find it on KVSC. They even broadcast on the web. I spin discs there sometimes.

Scooby Gang


In November of 1986, I walked into a homeless shelter because I had no where to go. I ended up working at that shelter and that put me on the road of serving the poor.

I still volunteer at the Dream Center, a local church that serves the poor in many ways. This link give you information on this important part of my life.


Marcia is a friend of Janette and mine who lives in Nebraska.

We try not to hold that against her.

She has an awesome page and was
instrumental to me giving this
online journal thing a try.
So yeah, it's all her fault.
But before you send her hate mail,
at least check out her site.



If you like the Renaissance Festival, cats,
costumes, or just plain cool stuff,
Sherry's website is definitely worth a look.
Even her cat, Spirit, has a page.


The strange fellow in the above left photo
is my good friend Al. He likes to play
Everquest. He owns several cats. But he's
not weird, oh no. Click on his picture to
view his rather ... special ... website.


The picture above and to the left is that of artist Rick Cortes. I "met" Rick through a writer's group I was a part of a few years back. His site has a gallery of his art, some of it for sale. Rick is also a pretty good writer, and his stuff is fun to read.