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Like the poet said, "I contain multitudes."
I'm pretty sure that he was referring to my chins.

I read a lot of online journals, and many of them have a big list of facts about the author.  I thought I would put one together, and you can CLICK HERE to see it.  Enjoy!

I live in Central Minnesota with my Most Patient Wife and my daughter AngryTeen  We have been married for almost five years. AngryTeen is 14, and is for the most part an average eighth-grader. This means endearing and irritating in nearly equal measure.

I work with adults in a non-residential care facility. I also do some work with homeless folks.

I'm a writer. I've written lots of stuff, including plays (which I have produced here in Central Minnesota), poetry (which will probably never see the light of day),
essays, short stories and have started (and then abandoned) a couple of books.  I write a monthly column for our local newspaper.

I am also an amateur
dramaturge. This means that I have written, adapted, directed, produced, performed and just done everything there is to do in the theatre. There isn't enough time in the day to do theatre any more, but every so often, I'll take out a play I've written and think I'll get back on the merry-go-round.

I've lived in Minnesota most of my life, but I have also resided in
New Jersey, Virginia, California, Karlsruhe Germany, Texas and have made what I call the Couch Trip all over Central Minnesota.

Music, movies, TV, books, comics, trivia, and
KVSC count among my hobbies in various degrees of importance. I'm also a political junkie, and a Christian.