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That's me in the corner.  I only sort of look like that, really.  But I thought it was funny. 
Likes:  Most Patient Wife, computers, chocolate and peanut butter together.  Also, kitties and some kids, even when they are surly.
Dislikes:  Bugs, humidity, onions.
Hobbies:  Scratching, chasing the kitty.  Too much TV.

Most Patient Wife is much cuter than this picture. 
Likes:  Music, kids, puppies and kitties.
Dislikes:  Rude people, bad odors, mendacity.
Hobbies:  Being wonderful, gardening, being funnier and smarter than her husband.



AngryTeen looks nothing like this.
Likes:  Nothing.
Dislikes:  Almost everything.
Hobbies:  Scowling, pouting, playing music loudly.


Action Kitty, AKA Ginger, looks exactly like the picture.
Likes:  Snuggling, sitting in sunbeams, playing with her laser light.
Dislikes:  Taking medicine, going to the vet.
Hobbies:  Sitting on Important Papers, galloping up and down the stairs, licking herself, galumphing around the house with Lovey.


Likes:  eating, passing gas, climbing.
Dislikes: sitting still, empty food dishes, getting squirted when naughty.
Hobbies: ignoring the word "No!", purring like a chain saw, galumphing around the house with Ginger, generally being a very sweet-tempered pain in the buttocks.