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He's Fat And He's Got A Website!
22 January


22 January | The Procedure

Today is 22 January, 2004.
I've started this website to chronicle my experience with a form of weight loss surgery called the Gastric By-Pass.  Before we go much further, click here to see why I'm making this choice.  
The reasons for this choice are going to be discussed here, but I thought that I should get it all out of the way first.   
I don't have a date for this procedure yet, but I'm on my way.  I've met with the surgeon, the psychologist and the dietician.  Today, I'm attending my first support group meeting for people who are patients of the surgeon who will perform the procedure on me.  If things go as planned, the operation will be in mid-to-late March.
There have been scores of people who have helped me make this decision.  I must have read more than a hundred hours worth of books, magazines and websites.  I've been in chatrooms at places like and talked with many people who have had this surgery.
You can expect me to keep this space updated a few times a week, as I would like to be as much help to the next person struggling with this as others were with me.  Soon, I'll put details about the surgery, my diet and action plan, and also by bitching and complaining as I make drastic and permanent changes to my life -- from the way I eat to the way I relate to people and the world around me.
I promise to keep it interesting!  Even on the days I'm in caffeine withdrawal and hip-deep in cravings that make me incredibly crabby, I'll do my best to give you a reason to visit this page.
Pictures?  I'll do my best.  But not just yet.