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The Herculoids!


Zandor, Tara, Dorno, Zok, Igoo, Tundro Gloop and Gleep!

Okay, they are badly drawn, and their animation was pretty awful. But how can you go wrong with a team of super-heroes like this? Take the three humans. Zandor is the King of Quasar, and has the strength of two men. Tara, his Queen is tough and deadly accurate with a slingshot. Dorno, their son, fights like a tiger. They team up with some unusual animals that can kick serious butt.

Zok, for instance is a dragon from outer space. He can travel in space, and fires energy beams out of his eyes and tail. He flies and carries people.

Igoo is the team's strong guy. He's basically a gorilla made of rock. Not very smart, but loyal and brave.

Tundro is a giant ten-legged dinosaur that has a freaking cannon in the middle of his forehead! Does that sound like something Dr. Evil would want, or what? He's got a tough armor coating and for reasons that defy the laws of physics, is capable of leaping great heights.

Gloop and Gleep are kind of like super Shmoos. They change shape and are very, very tough.

Usually, bad guys come around and make trouble. One or more of the Herculoids tries to take them on and fails. Then they all get together and defeat the bad guys. Sometimes, they even kill them!

The Herculoids rock.